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I am just a mom and a businesswoman on a mission to make a change in the community of the stories that I hear about personal injury, one day at a time. 


Business is not always PRETTY. Be transparent and express how you feel. It is not being rude; it is called being REAL.


I take great pride in partnering with professionals to formulate practical strategies to accomplish their goals. This often involves complex problems and finding a solution. I help professionals and providers grow their business which strengthens our community.

PROVE takes pride by being a resource for solutions for our providers and attorneys. PROVE purchases account receivables from surgery centers, doctors, hospitals in every state except for Michigan and New York. PROVE wants to assure you that the experience you have come to expect in working with our PROVE team, we will remain consistent and uninterrupted during this pandemic. PROVE will remain open for business, supporting you with phone lines open 24-7.  You can contact our PROVE Care Coordination team at 877-909-3111 or email us at We encourage you to stay in touch and contact us should you have any questions. PLEASE FOLLOW PROVE FACEBOOK AND WEBSITE FOR RESOURCES. Please do not hesitate to call or email me. My email is

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