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About Kim Vaughn Martin


From an early age, I have had an insatiable drive to excel and make a meaningful impact. As a child and immigrant from Vietnam, I grew up in an environment that suffocated all hope of potential for females. In some Asian cultures, due to filial piety values, males are more respected than females. Fortunately, while growing up and as an adult, I learned from my mistakes to forge the tools I needed to accomplish my goals in life and nurture my son's future.


With innovation and the desire to chart my own path, I delved into entrepreneurship. I founded KO Case Support, with my business partner. Today, we are revolutionizing the medical and legal industry, driven by our passion. Our mission is to help accident victims during their greatest time of need. Through collective efforts we help the community to receive quality medical care at a fair price. We purchase medical liens in every state except Michigan and New York. KO is very active in Nevada, California, and Arizona.


My business partner and I would not be where we are today without a solid foundation of trust with each other. My success is based upon my partner, our KO team, our sister company Injury Medical Directory in California, and doctors and attorneys who gave us this amazing opportunity. Experiences, failures, learning, in addition to old fashioned sweat and hard work led to where I am today. Business encompasses trust and loyalty. These are not just words, but these values define my lifestyle!

Life presented its own set of challenges in the corporate realm, which I refused to let define me. Success was never handed to me, especially being an Asian immigrant woman. I earned my success through hard work and perseverance. Some of the challenges I overcame were typical stereotypes and biases due to my gender and ethnicity. Individuals lied, slandered, defamed, bullied, and stalked me. I was told I would never amount to anything in this field. People continue to stereotype me due to my appearance. Instead of letting them hinder my progress, I overcame them and became stronger. All of this fueled me to UP MY GAME. Ninety percent of life’s decisions are influenced by the environment. Rather than focus on the negative, I have evolved and learned to vet others before collaborating with people in my industry. Speaking the truth is more important than living a lie.


Early in life, I learned the importance of embracing my true self. By sharing my story, vulnerabilities, and triumphs, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own uniqueness and pursue their dreams without hesitation or fear of the unfounded judgment from others.  As my journey continues, it is important to empower future generations and the community with these ideals. From humble beginnings, I hope to break down barriers and empower others to do the same.  My unwavering spirit serves as a reminder that anyone with perseverance and confidence can overcome such obstacles regardless of your gender, ethnicity, or even defamation.  I hope my story inspires and reminds others to chase their dreams and realize their potential is limitless. Keep your chin up, your eyes on the star, feet on the ground, never give up, and never settle.


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