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Stop Racism Against Asian Americans

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Originally posted in: Stop Racism Against Asian Americans - Public Facebook Group- 8.5 K Members

We are STRONG because of the Challenges. She grasps onto our Nation’s flag while her mind is sheltered by her unforgotten culture. She is just as “AMERICAN” as the patriot next to her, and she does her part to feed into the system of our country. There is beauty in her diversity. but deep down she knows her acceptance is a “GREY AREA.”

BUSINESS Strengths in Leadership: Dedicated to helping the community. Commitment I provide for are a caring attitude, going the extra mile, confidentiality, and financial viability. Core Values is to be innovate daily, be accountable, communicate effectively, care about quality care, and patient’s outcome. I want to thank you to all the health care providers for everything you are doing to keep our community safe.

I have become an advocate in the community assisting Las Vegas Industries, etc. to guide them which professionals and providers will deliver the best quality.


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