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Happy National Doctors Day

Good Morning and the SUPPORT of the Las Vegas community is amazing! Together, we will get through this. I want to thank you to all the health care providers in the Las Vegas community for everything you are doing to keep our community safe.

BUSINESS Strengths in Leadership: You can set your boundaries and continue slaying.

MY JOB, we want to assure you that the experience you have come to expect in working with our PROVE team, we will remain consistent and uninterrupted during this pandemic. Ensuring patient treatment and recovery is our highest priority, so you can count on us to prioritize your cases and patients the way we always do. PROVE will remain open for business, supporting you with phone lines open 24-7.  You can contact our PROVE Care Coordination team at 877-909-3111 or email us at We encourage you to stay in touch and contact us should you have any questions.


Kim Vaughn Martin

Managing Director


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